P. Allen Smith

A LOVE OF HORTICULTURE, trees, and the natural world come honestly to Mr. Smith, as he is the product of 6 generations of southern nurserymen.  The living material grown by his family went to many of the early 20th century Golden Age’s most significant homes on the East Coast.  His early childhood experiences and foundational horticultural grounding were later wed to English garden and landscape design during his graduate studies in Cheshire.  

While formal instruction provided technical mastery of landscape configurations, Mr. Smith credits his design ethos to his time walking the land as a student.  During his studies in England, Mr. Smith befriended a number of the surviving families of many of the most significant northern estates.  He engaged the descendants and their management to acquire the practical basis and deep understanding of the intent, theory, design, construction and supervision of English country homes.  That understanding is the basis for his practice today–approaching improvements of the land with a deep respect for a site’s inherent assets, context, integrating classical compositions, and blueprinting for long-term, efficient management. 

Before his return, Mr. Smith traced and studied-200 years to the day-the English country tour made by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams prior to their reception at the court of George III.   Like Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Smith landed stateside with inspirational design and practical insights that have benefited his work.

Garden & Country Idylls

Inspiration surrounds us.  With garden design and land management, specifically, rich treasures exist in great numbers across the English countryside–this is where we find much of our passion for the craft.  A large component of our work is inspired by these proven examples and the ongoing discussion personalities that insure their perpetuation.

Duchess of Devonshire, Deborah Cavendish


Viscountess (Lady) Ashbrook, Elizabeth Egerton-Warbuton


Fiona Hayward

Little Haseley Court

Lady Xa (Alexandra) Tollemache

Moss Mountain Farm

Viscountess (Lady) Ashbrook, Elizabeth and Viscount (Lord) Ashbrook (11th), Desmond Flower


Patrick Gallagher

Knole House

Major Patrick Batey

Raynham Hall

Viscount Ashbrook; Lady Tollemache, Lady Ashbrook, Lady Foster


Princess Giorgiana Corsini of Florence

Moss Mountain Farm

Lady Xa (Alexandra) Tollemache

Helmingham Hall

HRH Prince Charles

Buckingham Palace

Viscountess Valeria Coke

King’s Lynn

Lady Carla Carlisle and Sir Kenneth Melville Carlisle

Wyken Hall

Marquess and Marchioness Townsend

Raynham Hall

Viscountess Valeria Coke

Raynham Hall

Todd Longstaffe-Gowan and Tim Knox

Sheringham Park

Steward of America's Ferme Ornée

Chiswick House, London

A masterpiece designed by the talented collector Lord Burlington, this property has inspired successive generations with its sumptuous appointments, neoclassical architecture and grounds organized for enjoyment and entertainment.

Moss Mountain Farm, Arkansas

The country home of P. Allen Smith, designed to host large scale guest visits and entertainment, and provide ornamental inspiration in and around the home.  The grounds serve as a laboratory where Mr. Smith perfects design, planting, and maintenance practices.

Nearly 20 years following his return from England, Mr. Smith assembled over 600 acres of land in the Arkansas countryside, just outside Little Rock.  He then began the design and development of his own American Ferme Ornée — Moss Mountain Farm.  The Ferme Ornée form has as its ancient provenance Roman country villas that were used as practical and beautiful retreats for patrician families.  This concept evolved across centuries in continental Europe, found full expression during the Enlightenment in England, and crossed the Atlantic with revolutionary practicality by several of our founding fathers. 

Having studied Monticello, Mr. Vernon, French, Italian and English iterations of the Ferme Ornée, Mr. Smith created his own refuge on a prized bluff overlooking the Arkansas River for a mile.  Moss Mountain Farm was created as home and as a laboratory for healthy living.  Through the design, construction, and maintenance of this property Mr. Smith shares his insights with the nation by creating media and content to help stakeholders in design, development, and construction behave in a responsible manner, and individual homeowners in providing healthy environments for their families.  Mr. Smith’s adaptation of this timeless form provides insight and inspiration that benefit all Americans.


The source of our inspiration stems from enduring classical and abundant designs that respect the land and create nuanced, layered experiences.  Our unique perspective on landscape design and management is informed by the successes and insights from great minds in the profession who came before us.  We have visited and studied their work in the field and academically, pulling the most salient learnings into our work, paired with the strongest and relevant contemporary technologies.  Our goal is to create long lasting, balanced designs based on proven principles that yield harmonious and beautiful environments for our clients.

Andrea Palladio

Humphry Repton

Lancelot “Capability” Brown

Thomas Jefferson


Winterthur, Trustee

The Royal Oak Foundation (of the British National Trust), Board Member

The Royal Horticultural Society, Certified Fellow

The Garden Club of America, Honorary Member

The Herb Society of America, Honorary President

The Order of St. John, Confere

The Heritage Poultry Conservancy, Founder and President

National Cold War Center, Honorary Chairman of Kickoff Event (2020)

The Livestock Conservancy, Life Member

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust (UK), Life Member

The Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities, Life Member

Speaking Engagements

Private Corporate Conference

Decorative Arts Symposium

DMA, Dallas Museum of Art

The garden Club of America, Zone IX Dinner

Arkansas Governor’s Mansion


AFIRE (Association of International Real Estate Investors)

Keynote Speaker

New York, NY  *  February 2020

Arkansas Flower & Garden Show

Keynote Speaker

Little Rock, AR  *  February 2020

The Ozark Flower Show

Keynote Speaker

Springfield, MO *  February 2020

The Monroe Garden Club

Keynote Speaker

Monroe, LA  *  March 2020

The Memphis Garden Club

Keynote Speaker

Memphis, TN  *  March 2020 (postponed)

Voices of Our Time, Huntsville Museum of Art

Keynote Speaker

Huntsville, AL  *  April 2020 (postponed)

AFIRE (Association of International Real Estate Investors) Podcast


September 2020

EEBA (The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance)

Keynote Speaker

October, 2020

The Little Rock Garden Club

Keynote Speaker

Little Rock, AR  *   October 2020

The Dallas Women’s Club

Keynote Speaker

Dallas, TX  *  October 2020 (postponed)

The Women’s Club of Richmond

Keynote Speaker

Richmond, VA  *  October 2020

Extreme Panel Technologies Builders Summit South

Host & Keynote Speaker–Building a Healthier, Greener World for the Next Generation

Moss Mountain Farm  *  November 2020

Art & Antiques Show, The Women’s Board Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Speaker (Zoom)

Jacksonville, FL  *  December 2020


The Garden Club of Palm Beach


Palm Beach, FL  *  February 2021

Art in Bloom


Springfield, MO  *  April 2021 (postponed)

Florescence — The Garden Club of Houston


Houston, TX  *  April 2021 (postponed)

 ICAA (Institute of Classical Art & Architecture)


Atlanta, GA  *  April 2021 (postponed)

Voices of Our Time, Huntsville Museum of Art

Keynote Speaker

Huntsville, AL  *  September 2021