Fine Landscape Care for Little Rock &
Adjacent Communities

The P. Allen Smith maintenance team provides horticultural consultation and maintenance services throughout the Central Arkansas region.  Based upon the success at Moss Mountain Farm, and chronicled on over 20 years of PBS television and Allen’s 5 gardening and design books, our team daily and seasonally assists property owners maintain both a beautiful and healthy exterior environment.

While many of our installation clients elect to have the P. Allen Smith team care for their living materials and properties to maintain the original design and investment, we also regularly work with outside clients on specific issues and maintenance needs.  We welcome you to contact us and discuss your passions for your property!

A sampling of our offerings include:

Lawn Care

Organic Property Management

Hedge Shaping + Healthcare

Remediation + Post Storm Care + Rehabilitation

Tree Installation, Trimming and removal


Speciality Lighting

Vegetable Garden 

Herb Gardens

Seasonal Color Installations

Plant Healthcare

Regular and Specialty Pruning

Rose Garden Care + Pruning

Pollinator Garden

Proactive Seasonal Property Management + Loss Prevention

Tailored Maintenance Plans

We respect and understand that each property is unqiue.  Our site solutions are refined to cater to the specific design, terrain, horticultural collection, personal needs and environmental challenges of each location.   By employing a detailed cataloging and tracking system, we are able to carefully monitor the health of client properties throughout the year and make short and long term adjustments as required.  Our goal is to calibrate a beautiful environment for our clients to enjoy throughout the year by being mindful, proactive  and careful stewards.

Stewardship by Maintenance Specialists

Following Allen’s directions, and a management team with decades of field experience, our team sensitively and efficentiently work on site to respond and proactively prepare for the seasonal and environmental challenges that are ongoing with exterior environments.  And, by establishing an ongoing dialogue with property owners, we provide insights and solutions that equip property owners to respond to immediate and upcoming needs.  Individual team members of our team have been trained on specialities within the craft, allowing us to care for a diversity of individualized site needs as they arise.  Many of the team members who work on our client’s homes and commercial properties are the same professionals who service the diverse needs of P. Allen’s own home at Moss Mountain Farm.

A Commitment to Healthy Properties, Families & Communities

Our commitment to community health guides our selection of care material on site.  We follow P. Allen’s principles of sustainable and healthy gardening–taking a careful approach to both our clients and our client’s property’s health.  We elect to employ non-offensive growth substances in our work, and shun the harmful, synthetic chemicals that, while they may temporarily provide immediate aesthetic gratification, are regrettably also linked to a number of troubling pet, human, and “down stream” environmental problems.   Several of Allen’s personal and private formulas for garden and lawn health are used by our team and only available to our clients.  Providing a healthy environment for our clients and our community is a core value of our team.

Fine Garden Care from the P. Allen Smith Team

In addition to garden health, personalized seasonal color by our local designer and team and installation is a popular component for many of our clients, particularly those who are design-focused and/or who regularly entertain outdoors.  Our goal is to provide a thoughtful response to client’s space, that includes an abundant and inspired array of annuals , accentuating each garden.